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Body Odour

I read on the Internet that some women are biologically attracted to the pheromones that men emit when sweating. Well if true, the sail down from Gladstone should have had the kind womenfolk of Coffs Harbour howling at the moon when we arrived. I was in fear for my other crew mates because they were trying a bit too hard in my opinion and would be ravaged upon docking. I didn't want to be partly responsible for accidents as hungry females swam across the harbour just to be first to clamber onboard and devour us men! I  must write to that Internet chappie and let him know he's got it wrong.
    • Deb Jeffreys | 2014-09-03 15:52:36
      Too funny Ian - love your work!! :)
    • Kristi Foster | 2014-09-19 21:31:37
      Yes Ian I must admit your stories are funny! And face boat hasn't even heard HALF of them!!
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Cool Wheelchairs? Pimp my Ride!

They say you can tell a lot about someone's lifestyle aspirations by looking at their car. Whilst enjoying so many Try Sail Days I've realised the same can be said for wheelchairs. They are customised to reflect the owners personality, and this can help me in communicating with the driver. For instance, There was the young bloke whose chair was like a flash ute; he was a footy fan, sharp as a tradie and a sense of humour to match.
    • Deb Jeffreys | 2014-08-11 09:05:02
      Great article Ian - if you were in a chair what kind would you choose? Just curious...
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Elvises in Southport

You could have knocked me down with a feather because right before me was Elvis Presley, looking remarkably well since his death 30 odd years ago. Maybe it's not all plain sailing on the Nothern Campaign!
    • Deb Jeffreys | 2014-08-10 17:03:00
      Love your writing Ian - you always make us smile :)
    • Kristi Foster | 2014-08-10 19:36:31
      Really great story Ian
    • Gayle Pescud | 2014-09-03 15:44:22
      Am laughing out loud. Thanks for writing this.
    • Gayle Pescud | 2014-09-03 15:44:33
      Here's another Elvis you may wish to meet:
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A Fisherman's Tale

The four grizzled hunters stood at the stern, their steely eyes scanning the ocean for the prey. "Thar!" called the skipper, jutting his square jaw towards the patch of ocean erupting as the fight commenced. The men's muscles flexed and rippled in the setting sunlight; the women gazed on appreciatively.

Ian has posted a story

Ian Wyard's Story

Ian Wyard sails regularly as a volunteer with SWD on Try Sail and Winds of Change days, providing sailing opportunities to people with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds.