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What is it about childrens' laughter?
What is it about childrens' laughter?... It has to be the most infectious thing. Recently, on the Northern Campaign, I had the opportunity to see a second and third element contribute to and enrich that sound of laughter. Making it three dimensional, maybe even four - the laughter, the sun, the sea spray and the movement of the boat all coming together, just to the east of Mackay harbour.Read full story
    • Deb Jeffreys | 2014-08-18 08:04:47
      Yep it's infectious for sure! Just reading this blog made me smile :)
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David Pescud is nominated for Pride of Australia
David Pescud has been nominated for the Pride of Australia Medal - one of News Corp Australia’s most important community endeavours — recognising and rewarding our community’s most outstanding members. David explains what racing to Hobart means for those living with disability.Read full story
    • Deb Jeffreys | 2014-07-05 18:47:48
      Congratulations David - very well deserved!
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david, pescud5
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David Pescud's Story
Put yourself in David Pescud’s shoes in 1993.

You’re 46. Thanks to your own hard work and business savvy (and despite profound dyslexia) you’re financially bullet proof and able to retire.

You’ve just built a 50 foot yacht and you’re all set to take off for an idyllic life of cruising the oceans…

Sounds wonderful right?...

So why do you stop, take a massive u-turn, create a non-profit organisation called Sailors with disABILITIES and volunteer the next 20+ years of your life working tirelessly for it?Read full story