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Apart from meeting great people, forming lifelong friendships and getting in some great sailing along the way, being a part of SWD has helped Brett to own his disability, rather than to hide it.

Brett joined joined SWD after medical tests in 2000 revealed damage to his kidneys. This prompted a lifestyle change and though it came as a big shock, he was determined to get on with his life and continue doing the things that he enjoyed. So he looked for ways to best do this.

It was a documentary about Sailors with disABILITIES that caught his attention and prompted him to begin the journey. He saw it as a challenge and an exciting way to learn skills and meet people.

Although he had always been around boats he didn't know much about yachts. He was keen to learn and he saw SWD as an ideal way of getting into the sailing game and feeling the excitement of sailing with a great group of people.

Brett has done a lot of sailing and ocean racing since, using the skills that SWD taught him. In his own words, "I have been a part of SWD since 2000, and as happens in life, you move in different directions. So while I no longer sail, I still help out where possible and maintain a lot of the friendships I have made by being a part of SWD."

Today Brett shares his life with his disability and concentrates on the things he can do rather than the things he can't. "That is what SWD has brought to my life."

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