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Guy remembers his second Try Sail day as a standout day where he learned about how small things can bring great pleasure to those facing a major disability.

Guy was a regular sailor and working with Marine Rescue when his skipper invited him along to SWD. Despite rain and a distinct lack of wind, he had a fantastic first Try Sail day, with everyone making the most of the situation. Seeing everyone happy and giving it a go made a positive impression on Guy. 

He remembers thinking at the time that he could learn a thing or two under SWD founder, David Pescud. His second Try Sail day was just as memorable and the gloomy weather failed again to quash the crew’s enthusiasm. 

A father and daughter sat up forward of the mast, in the rain.

The girl would wake up and smell the air then look at the water and smile - and fall asleep again. Guy remarked on the weather to the father, to which he replied “This is a beautiful day - my daughter is smiling and happy.” His daughter had severe muscular dystrophy and was deteriorating rapidly. This had prompted him to leave his high-paying corporate job to work nights in a factory so that he could spend days with his daughter and continue to support his family. 

Guy continues his Try Sail days in the Northern Campaign on Kayle, and plays an integral part on the Winds of Change program on Moshka. He has raced in the Winter Series to Southport and Hobart on Wot Eva, but still recalls that day with father and daughter as being one of the more insightful moments. A day, that put things into perspective for him. 

And yes, it was a beautiful day.

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