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I began sailing in Canberra when I was 11. My brother and I joined the YMCA SC program (learning to sail MJs) and bought a VJ.  We entered every race and met plenty of great people along the way. I regularly sailed on Manly Graduates, NS14s and Sharpies. 

My father crafted a beautiful Moth in our garage and we called her Pernod. I raced her for a couple of years then moved to Sydney where I also crewed on 505s, and Sharpies at university.

A motorcycle accident left me without the use of my left arm and put sailing on the ‘backburner’. I finished uni and work took me inland to Alice Springs, where sailing was nonexistent. My wife Sue and our four kids (and me and Pernod) eventually settled back in Sydney and I had a strong desire to get back into some decent sailing. When the kids became self-sufficient (freeing up my Saturdays) that’s exactly what I did.

Before jumping on a keel boat, I thought that I should do a sea survival course (to see if I could float) and this is where I met the SWD guys. They were doing a refresher and invited me along to the CYCA Twilight races. What a stroke of luck! 

The camaraderie, patience, understanding, and teamwork in SWD is amazing. I have now been sailing the Twilights and Winter Series on Kayle for 18 months and I’m looking forward to the challenge of ‘bluewaters’.   

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