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Northern Campaign 2014 - Captains Log - 17 Aug 2014

I have had a wonderful time with my beautiful wife but now I return to my mistress of the sea - 'Kayle'. I have swapped crisp, clean, white hotel room sheets for my 'rack' next to the navigation table.  Rain and strong winds have meant the cancellation of some try sail days and early departure plans from Mackay. Fresh crew have arrived whilst others take the rainy days to rest, clean and prepare the boat for the pending passage to Gladstone.

Last night as I nestled my head into a damp pillow I lay awake listening to the sound of a squeaky fender being pushed against the hull.  After reaching the halfway point in this campaign, I contemplated what lay in store for us over the next four weeks.

What challenges would the crew and I now face? foul weather perhaps? equipment failure?  

To the kids who eagerly await the opportunity to experience the joy of sailing on board 'Kayle', we will overcome these and other challenges for the pure joy of seeing a smile on your face.

Sometimes, I think I have had a tough life or am having a tough time on board away from family but every time I see a kid in a wheelchair lashed to the deck of this yacht, I am reminded how lucky I am. It is an absolute privilege to be skipper of 'Kayle'.  

See you in Gladstone !

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    • Deb Jeffreys | 2014-08-18 09:27:40
      Really glad you had a good time on your wedding anniversary Mark - hope you have a lovely sail up to Gladstone - looking forward to hearing about your adventures :)
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