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Northern Campaign - Captains Log - Star Date 10 Aug 2014

Admiral Pescud has taken command whilst I take four days shore leave in Mackay to celebrate my twentieth wedding anniversary. The crew have also had some time off in the Percy Islands, to swim, explore the habitat and partake in goat stew, prepared by Ernst the self-proclaimed ‘goat man’, one of only five residents on the island.

As Admiral Pescud and the crew now turn their minds back to the core business of taking people from the region with disabilities sailing, I hope that upon my return to the ship on Wednesday, she is still in port, intact and that no mutinous behaviour has occurred - I live in hope ! 

faceboat is a Mackay at the moment and this week the team are taking out local school kids on Try Sail days. The kids will have the opportunity to discover the joy of sailing and learn a few new skills along the way.

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    • Deb Jeffreys | 2014-08-11 09:02:17
      Happy Anniversary Mark - hope you enjoy a well earned break
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