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Paul enjoys the camaraderie of fellow SWD members like Jim in Accounts, and Al Grundy, who runs the mighty downstairs program (for those of you who don't sail this means packing sails and keeping everyone fed!). He also loves the wicked sense of humour of Ralphie.

Paul was introduced to SWD in March 2013 by fellow member, Gary Sullivan. He has been an enthusiastic crew member ever since at Kids' Days on Mondays and Tuesdays and on board the flagship Kayle. Since his retirement, he has sailed his own vessels for eight years and volunteered for Marine Rescue alongside his father. On land, Paul was a school teacher and later moved into IT management and support.

Paul served three weeks on board SWD flagship Kayle while she made her annual pilgrimage to various ports along the Queensland coast. The trip took in many sights and along the way collected multiple groups of less advantaged folk and took them for a sail. 

Paul says one of the highlights of this trip was an overnight anchor off Percy Island, inside the Great Barrier Reef. More nautical miles were accrued in January 2014 when he helped deliver Kayle back from yet another Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. 

Paul is one to use his time productively and he feels that much has been gained from this experience. He hopes that he has helped expand opportunities for those less able - as is the mission of SWD. He has occasionally called on his teacher skills when managing the kids, and is thrilled at having been able to advance his seamanship skills while moving from port to port on Kayle.

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