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My time as a volunteer has far exceeded my expectations. I thought I would be pushing wheelchairs onto a boat - but the time I spend with SWD helps me personally. I get a kick out of helping people and learning skills - I love it!

For the last eighteen months I have been volunteering with SWD because I wanted to give back to society what it has given to me. My previous volunteering experience of teaching English to Iranian refugees was in a vastly different environment.

I discovered SWD after meeting volunteer Bill 'Fish' and hearing him sing its praises. I then followed a child in a wheelchair into the CYCA and found the SWD boat and crew. The rest (as they say) is history!

I see my role as support for people who come for a sail rather than one of learning to sail. When I see kids participating, I am over the moon. The other volunteers and skippers have been very tolerant and I sometimes feel uncomfortable that I have a disability and that I have been given this opportunity.

There is so much need for this program. I see it everywhere and I tell everyone about it. Do you know that just one school in Penrith has over 70 children in the Special Education unit? SWD has all the right tools (and people) to learn how to sail. 

So much to do - and so much fun! 

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