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What is it about childrens' laughter?

What is it about childrens' laughter?... It has to be the most infectious thing. Recently, on the Northern Campaign, I had the opportunity to see a second and third element contribute to and enrich that sound of laughter. Making it three dimensional, maybe even four - the laughter, the sun, the sea spray and the movement of the boat all coming together, just to the east of Mackay harbour.

On this morning Sailors with disAbilites had on board the yacht Kayle, a bunch of children from a local school, with a fresh sou' east trade blowing under a brilliant blue Queensland sky.

Kayle and her crew of volunteers, slipped out of the harbour turning her head into a 2 metre sea. For the first time the kids felt the boat come alive.

The squeals of delight, the looks of awe and amazement, you could touch the excitement on the boat. The moment had begun. The infection spread. Firstly to all the children (children are always the first to get infected !), then the teachers and finally the crew succumbed to the magic.

What is it about a moment like this?

It certainly loses something in the telling. But as the bow rose and fell throwing plumes of sea-spray that seem to be suspended for a second in sunlight, with the glee and laughter of the children and the movement of the boat I could not help to think 'THANK YOU!'

I did not want to be anywhere else.

I wanted to wrap my arms around this time, this moment and keep it as a reminder of what the mix of nature, wind, a boat, sun, and a crew can create, but these are just things ..they are wonderful, but just things.

The most important ingredient that day, that brought it all together, were the children, their laughter, their fearlessness, all sitting under their Queensland sun hats. Yes, we were all infected and we came away thinking, believing in fairies and in magic.

The children had taken us into their world and it is a journey I will not forget.

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    • Deb Jeffreys | 2014-08-18 08:04:47
      Yep it's infectious for sure! Just reading this blog made me smile :)
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